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20 Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors with your Kids

20 benefits of spending time outdoors with your kids

Studies show kids who spend their childhood outside grow up to be more attentive, less anxious, more focused, sleep better, and many more benefits! 

1. Promotes creativity

Being outside of the asme 4 walls allows kids to make up different games to play, characters to be, and the possibilities become endless.

2. Improves cognitive skills

3. Nature inspires the imagination

4. Reduces stress

Have you ever felt worst after a fun day outside, exploring? Didn’t think so! Being outside, in the sun, connecting with friends and family is shown to greatly reduce stress. Even a quick 10 minute walk can work.

5. Boosts imagination

6. Improve physical fitness and health

7. Boosts immune system

Being exposed to dirt and other microbiota has shown to greatly improve kids’ immune systems and reduce the risk of getting sick through the rest of their life. Having a dog, for instance, increases our exposure to these essential immune boosting dirt microbiota and boosting everyone’s immune system.

8. Reduce risk of all cause mortality

Remaining active is a fail safe way to reduce all cause mortality, and learning healthy habits at a young age is an invaluable gift to give them. 

9. Increase life satisfaction

Getting the healthy stimulation we are designed to get, enough vitamin D from the sun, physical exertion, mental stimulation, and social interaction will greatly increase your child’s life satisfaction. These are all primal needs that often go unmet in today’s world. Getting outside with your kids can show them the benefits of getting outside.

10. Teaches independence

Experiencing and solving barriers and problems on their own teaches kids a great sense of independence and confidence to navigate the world on their own.

11. Stimulates all the senses

Being exposed to new experiences, uneven ground, bright sun, rain, fresh air, new obstacles, mental stimulation, new smells, and everything else that the outdoors presents allows every sense to be stimulated!

12. Makes better students

13. Advances motor skills + coordination

14. Enhances sleep

Our bodies were made to move, and after a fun day being physically active outside in the sun, your kids’ natural circadian rhythm will thank you. 

15. Increases vitamin D

16. Benefits mental health

17. Creates future advocates

When children grow up outside, they grow up to understand it’s value in our lives. They understand and value the importance of our environment and climate and are more likely to advocate for preservation and conservation.

18. Boosts confidence

19. Reduces anxiety

20. Improves focus and attention

As humans, we learn best when we are doing something new and feel challenged. Learning new outdoor activities and sports can help activate this part of the brain, helping your kids learn something new about themselves and about the world. They will be forced to focus their attention on the task at hand.

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