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Breckenridge Activity Package

Breckenridge bike and raft Activity Package


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Every Colorado vacation should include two major ingredients:

Time spent enjoying our beautiful mountain scenery & enough outdoor action to feel the Colorado thrill. Mountain biking and whitewater rafting are amazing choices if you want to make the most of your trip to Colorado.

.It is an even better choice if you choose two top-quality outfitters for these activities.


The Adventure Company and Breck Bike Guides are two companies that have been build around people who want the very best!

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When it comes to rafting, biking and other activities, we are unafraid to think outside the box, regardless of cost, to offer you the highest level of safety, quality, customer service, convenience and value.

.Because birds of the same feather flock together Breck Bike Guides and The Adventure Company found each other to offer the very best value and premium features to our customers.


The Right Trip For You

We offer packages for all levels. No matter if you are looking for family activities, advanced adventures or a little bit of both.

You can choose any trip that these top-quality companies offer and we can combine them in a package made just for you. This represents a tremendous savings!


Treat yourself with world class trails, river sections and the best guides in Colorado!

Besides making the best choice for your vacation, simply by choosing quality, you are also entitled to our FREE sanitized wetsuit package ($16 value by person) & an additional FREE bike rental hour ($20 value by person) if you choose our Bike & Raft Package deal! Of course you don’t have to put the whole action in one day, you could ride today and raft within the next week!

Make Your Life An Adventure Today!

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Contact The Adventure Company at:


800-497-RAFT (7238)


stop by at Breck Bike Guides:

411 S Main St #12Breckenridge, CO 80424


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