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Unforgettable: Overnight Rafting Trip with Kids

Overnight Rafting Trip with Kids

An overnight rafting trip with kids can be a great experience. The Arkansas River is a perfect place to take your family rafting and the experienced guides at The Adventure Company are more than happy to help you plan your trip. We have great gear you can rent so you don’t have to travel with it.

An overnight trip is a great way for kids to get an experience of camping without having to carry all their stuff. The trips with our guides are designed so that there is plenty of time for exploring and relaxing as well as some exciting whitewater action. We want you to know that we’ll take care of all the details so you can focus on your family and making memories together.

The first day we will pack our belongings into big dry bags and get on the river! We can stop often along the way and explore the canyon if we want. Our gear boat will meet us at camp, so you just need to bring your water bottle and sunglasses with a strap in the boat with us! For more tips on that, click here.

Once we arrive at camp, we will set up tents, kitchen, a shade from the sun. You can change into your dry camp clothes, and we will get started making you a delicious meal!  Feel free to bust out some card games or have a rock-skipping competition on the shore. Once dusk hits, we’ll get a campfire & s’mores started (if local fire restrictions allow it). Feel free to bust out your adult beverages at this time if you brought some.

On day two we’ll make breakfast, enjoy some coffee, break down camp, pack up the raft and get back on the river! Multi day rafting trips are the best way to experience rivers at their fullest, but they can be intimidating especially when kids are involved.

For a full packing list, click here. Please call us to book your custom overnight trip – this is our favorite part of summer, and we can’t wait to share the joy and lifelong memories with your family!  If you need accommodations with diet, timing and flights, or anything else just let us know, we will work around your needs!

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