Participant Eligibility Requirements

Participant Eligibility Requirements

There are some non-discriminating essential eligibility criteria that all participants should meet.

It is your responsibility to ensure the following:

  • Participants have a duty to act as would a reasonably prudent person when engaging in recreational activities.
  • Remember that you are responsible for your own safety at all times while on your trip and you must come prepared for dealing with any physical problems you may have.
  • Each participant must understand that whitewater rafting includes inherent risks that cannot be avoided.

No Participant May:

  • Board upon or embark upon any commercial whitewater expedition when intoxicated or under the influence of non-intoxicating beer, intoxicating beverages or controlled substances; or
  • Fail to advise the trip leader or the trip guide of any known health problems or medical disability and any prescribed medication that may be used in treatment of such health problems during the course of the commercial whitewater expedition; or
  • Engage in harmful conduct or willfully or negligently engage in any type of conduct which contributes to or causes injury to any person or personal property; or
  • Perform any act which interferes with the safe running and operation of the expedition, including failure to use safety equipment provided by the commercial whitewater outfitter or failure to follow the instructions of the trip guide or trip leader in regard to the safety measures and conduct requested of the participants; or
  • Fail to inform or notify the trip guide or trip leader of any incident or accident involving personal injury or illness experienced during the course of any commercial whitewater expedition. If such injury or illness occurs, the participant shall leave personal identification, including name and address, with the commercial whitewater outfitter’s agent or employee.