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Whitewater Rafting

How to choose your perfect Colorado whitewater rafting trip:

  1. Decide on the difficulty level that is best for everyone is your group. You should consider age, rafting experience, physical fitness, swimming ability and desired challenge.  *Please note that minimum ages are subject to change depending on water levels. Contact our office for current age requirements.
  2. Based on when and where you want to raft, some trips may be more appropriate than others.
  3. Consider the length of whitewater raft trip that is best for your group. Choose from ½ day trips to ¾ and full day trips that include our delicious Ultimate Fajita Feast hot lunch. You may also combine any 3/4 day whitewater raft trip with another activity and save money!
  4. Refer to the information in the “Colorado’s Best Rafting Adventures” chart (click link below) and the trip descriptions for each whitewater rafting trip we offer to help you choose. As always, feel free to call our friendly adventure coordinators for expert advice and availability on changing river levels and conditions.

Choose your perfect Colorado Rafting Adventure here!

**The Adventure Company reserves the right to adjust our activities due to changes in weather, water levels, rapid classifications and minimum age requirements. Prices may vary accordingly.