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Are you and your family in search of an unforgettable summer adventure? Look no further than whitewater rafting with The Adventure Company in Buena Vista, Colorado. Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Buena Vista offers not just stunning scenery but exhilarating, world-class whitewater that brings families closer together. Whether you’re seasoned adventurers or first-time rafters, The Adventure Company offers top-quality features and ensures a thrilling yet secure experience for all ages and ability levels!


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Unmatched Scenic Beauty

Buena Vista, Colorado, is a gem tucked away in the Rockies, offering breathtaking landscapes that serve as the perfect backdrop for your family’s adventure. As you navigate the vibrant splashy waters, you’re surrounded by the majestic beauty of towering mountains and lush forests, creating memories that are as scenic as they are thrilling. Your guides can point out soaring mountains a you see them on the river. Learn more about the geology of the Arkansas River Valley and Brown Canyon National Monument here

Safety as a Top Priority

Understanding the concerns of families, especially those with younger kiddos, The Adventure Company places paramount importance on safety. With state-of-the-art equipment and experienced and professional guides, they ensure that your exhilarating adventure is matched with uncompromising safety standards. Every guide is not only an expert in navigating the waters but also in making sure that every family member feels secure and comfortable throughout the journey. 

We are the only outfitter who exclusively hires experienced guides. You can read more about why that matters, and how it effects your rafting trip.

top quality rafting in colorado browns canyon rafting buena vista colorado the adventure company

A Bonding Experience Like No Other

Whitewater rafting with The Adventure Company isn’t just an adventure; it’s a bonding experience. Working together to navigate the rapids fosters teamwork and strengthens connections, making it a perfect activity for families, friends, bachelor(ette) parties, church groups, work retreats, and anyone looking to share unforgettable moments. The shared excitement and the thrill of overcoming challenges together can bring families closer, creating stories that will be told for years to come. Check out our big group discounts here!

Don’t forget to come to the office to see your professional photos that were taken while you we’re on the river! They make great gifts, too. If you post them on social media, be sure to tag us @adventurecompany

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Tailored Adventures for Every Family

Recognizing that every family is unique, The Adventure Company offers a range of rafting experiences, from gentle floats for beginners and younger children (ages 2+) to more challenging rapids for the adrenaline seekers. This personalized approach ensures that every family member, regardless of age or experience level, has an enjoyable and thrilling adventure.

Exceptional Value

Choosing The Adventure Company means investing in an experience that offers both high-quality adventure and value. Not only do you get a meticulously planned and safely executed adventure, but you also gain access to a unique experience that combines natural beauty, physical challenge, and family bonding. It’s an investment in memories that will last a lifetime, making it a choice that discerning families will find well worth it. We believe in investing in experiences over things.

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Whitewater rafting with The Adventure Company in Buena Vista, Colorado, offers more than just an adrenaline rush. It’s a comprehensive experience that combines the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the thrill of the rapids, and the safety and guidance of expert rafters. 

For families seeking a summer adventure that enriches their bonds while providing unmatched excitement and value, The Adventure Company stands out as the premier choice. Embark on a journey that your family will cherish forever, where each paddle stroke leads to a stronger connection and a deeper appreciation for the world’s natural wonders.

We’ll see you on the river!

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