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9 Benefits of Spending Time Outside

11 benefits of spending time outside

1. A good night's sleep

Name something more important that getting quality sleep… you can’t!  Our bodies were built to move. After an active day in the summer sun, you can almost guarantee a good night’s rest. We crave the feeling of climbing into bed after a long day of playing on the river and falling asleep instantly. 

The benefits of a great night’s rest is a conversation for another day – but we do know how good it feels!

2. Vitamin D

The majority of adults in the United States are deficient in vitamin D, causing a laundry list of problems. Getting your daily dose of vitamin D via food and supplementing is great, but sunshine is the cheapest and easiest way to absorb this essential hormone. 

Don’t take this as a tip to get sunburned! Pack your sunscreen for a day out in the Colorado sun. The sun hits a little harder at our elevation of 8,000 ft. + Consider a reef safe sunscreen to avoid contaminating our rivers. 

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3. Discovering your new passion

You never know until you try! Conquering your fears and embracing adventure might ignite a fire in you that you didn’t know was there.  Let each outdoor adventure help you learn, grow, and challenge your mind and body. Access to the outdoors is possible no matter where you live.

Your kids might have a passion for sciences, and discovering the outdoors might ignite a career or hobby in ecology, geology, glaciology etc. 

Try to do something once a month that you’ve never tried before. Trying new things with your partner / friends / kids can form an unbreakable bond. 

4. Reducing stress

Like we mentioned earlier, our bodies we’re built to move. The combination of fresh mountain air, stunning and rewarding views, high mountain sunshine, exertion, and sharing these experiences with your loved ones is a lethal combo for stress and anxiety. 

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5. Reducing screen time

Screen time reaching an all time high? We know the feeling. Summer is the prime time to reconnect with friends, come out of our winter hibernation habits, and fuel up on vitamin d. Whitewater rafting makes the perfect way to dodge the summer heat, unplugging from technology, challenge your mind and body, and bond with your crew.

6. Connecting to environment

It’s critical, on a primal level, for humans to connect with their environment, and it’s a habit we’ve managed to ditch lately. Summers in Colorado are unbeatable. Temperatures rarely rise above 85ºF in the mountains, the views are jaw-dropping at every turn, and the opportunity for outdoor recreation is endless! 

Connecting with the outdoors, swimming in the lakes and rivers, immersing yourself in the culture, and challenging yourself is a great way to learn, grow, and reconnect with yourself.

7. Energy

Have you ever felt unmotivated to workout or move your body? Are the kids balls of energy in the morning? Moving your body produces more energy, while simultaneously burning energy. Burning energy is known to reduce stress and anxiety, especially when that time is spent outdoors.

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8. Fresh mountain air

There are outdoor activities and opportunities for all abilities and interests in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Whether you’re planning a road trip, a whitewater rafting trip, skiing, or hot springs, be sure to check out these 5 stops along The Continental Divide in Colorado. 

Do the toilets flush the opposite direction? Does the wind change direction at The Continental Divide? Find out here. Looking for ways to avoid cabin fever this winter? Look no further! 

benefits of spending time outdoors

9. Exercise without realizing it

We understand the thought of exercising can be very unappealing sometimes. This is why spending time outdoors is perfect! You’ll be exercising without even realizing it. Outdoor activities take away that gym monotony and gets you moving without keeping you stuck in your head. 

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