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Browns Canyon Rafting, Arkansas River

June 25th, 2011

With river flows high enough to cut off some of our more challenging whitewater rafting sections, we are extremely fortunate to have access to rafting in Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River. Browns Canyon does not have a state recommended cut off level which means we can raft it as high as it goes!

Browns Canyon gets better and better with higher water flows. If you are feeling disappointed that our Class IV and V trips aren’t available at this time or if are seeking an intermediate raft trip, have no fear! Browns Canyon can be made as exciting or tame as desired by our customers. Big waves and holes can be avoided or run depending on each group’s adventure level. We try very hard to give each customer the trip they are seeking whether it’s an intermediate trip or a more advanced trip with more aggressive lines. This can only be done because of our experienced guides! With more years of commercial raft guiding under their belts than most Arkansas River guides, our guides are able to maneuver the boat to miss or hit just about anything!

If huge waves, over the head splashes and an opportunity to make your trip as mild or wild as you want isn’t enough to get you hooked on Browns Canyon, how about the scenery!?! Browns Canyon is one of Colorado’s great natural treasures. Granite canyons merging into mixed forests with unusual rock formations give Browns Canyon a wild and rugged nature.  Access this isolated oasis by paddling through thrilling Class III-IV rapids like Pinball, Zoom Flume, Big Drop, the Seven Stairs, Seidels Suckhole and more. In between rapids, be sure to scan the countryside for a glimpse of bighorn sheep, bald eagles, beavers or more!

You have options when choosing your Browns Canyon whitewater rafting trip! Pick from ½ day, ¾ day or Full day trips ranging from 9.5 to 16 miles on the river. We also offer a Super Browns Full day trip for those who want the most splash for your cash! Super Browns takes you thru 21 miles of Class II – IV whitewater for a great 6 hours on the river. All of our ¾ and Full day trips include our “Ultimate Fajita Buffet” lunch.

As the river levels get higher, our minimum age for Browns Canyon goes up. Please contact our friendly office staff for current age requirements.

Colorado Dogs, The Adventure Company

June 15th, 2011

Ah, the good life: whitewater rafting, swimming, Frisbee, bonfires and more! From this description, you’d assume I was describing a day in the life of a river guide, but I’m not! I’m talking about our very much loved, furry, four legged friends! The dogs of The Adventure Company (TAC) have got it made!

Our pack of Colorado dogs can always be relied on for a cheerful greeting, an offer for a game of fetch, or a cuddle for an afternoon nap.

"Head Boat Dog"

Samson, who we have hired as “Head Boat-Dog”, is 120 pounds of pure love. His ability to get every person on property to pet him daily is amazing! If you have a hand free, he can find a use for it! He’s definitely the leader of the pack! Though he’s not into playing fetch, he will most likely love to show you his latest toy!

"Jada Potata"

Jada, “Jada Potata”, is very particular about who she’ll play with. For example, although she’s a great lover of fetch, if other dogs are running for the same toy, forget about it….she’d rather be by herself!  If you are looking for her in a big pack of dogs, you’d be better off checking her bed!  She is NOT a social butterfly! Don’t let her fool you though, she’s a sucker for a good back scratch or a few loops through your legs!

Fletcher, Maggie and K.J.

Maggie, the “resident old lady” or the “fun police”, is not as concerned with being pet as she is with getting her barks in during a fetch session or eating other dogs food when they aren’t looking! She’s pretty indifferent when it comes to people other than her parents, but she is definitely a sweetheart!

K.J., or “Junior”, is the puppy of the pack! She is smart, enjoys running and playing, likes to hang out in rafts and absolutely LOVES to snuggle! When given the chance, she will nuzzle your neck and lay in your lap until you just can’t take it anymore! Look for her in a shady spot around property cooling off from her latest adventure!

Fletcher, or “Fletch”, is 100% into playing fetch. As a matter of fact, he carries a Frisbee around that says “Hi, I’m Fletcher. Please throw this!” He’s a great dog, super smart and willing to hang out with anyone or do anything! He’d be much obliged if you threw whatever he brings you!

Payton goes rafting!

Payton, a frequent visitor at TAC, has an awesome easy-going attitude towards life. He’s content following around his buddy Mark, laying around the office or even galloping with his long legs towards a ball with the pack! Don’t leave food around though, or you will be sadly disappointed come meal time!

Samson loves to give hugs!


Big or small, dirty or clean, we love our dogs! Their unconditional love for all of our employees, whether they are the person to feed them or not, is inspirational!

We hope that a little bit of their big hearts carries over into our work on the river, in the office or driving the bus!

Colorado Rafting Vacation Ideas

June 13th, 2011

Looking for the perfect Colorado Rafting vacation idea? We’ve got the answer! Our Multi-Day Raft Trips combine comfortable camping and full days of whitewater rafting!

Cozy tent on the Arkansas River

Our remote campsites offer plenty of cozy tent sites!


We “specialize” in multi-day raft trips because we have a unique set of custom equipment that allows us to run self-supported multi-day raft trips. This is where a guide rows a gear raft along with the trip, allowing the trip to camp in the nicest and more remote campsites. It also enables you to camp comfortably and for us to bring many luxury items like chairs, a portable toilet and a full kitchen for cooking gourmet, fresh-from-scratch meals. We also “specialize” because 20+ years of offering these types of trips has allowed us to create an efficient and organized system that allows for luxurious camping and high quality.

Our Multi-Day raft trips range from 2 to 6 days so that you may decide how long you’d like to be on the river. For your convenience and knowledge, we have created a general description and itinerary for our multi-day raft trips (see bottom of page). We understand that every customer has different needs and for this reason, each of our multi-day trips are customized depending on the size of your group and the ability levels and ages of it’s members. Please contact our experienced office staff for details regarding your particular multi-day rafting trip.

Gear boats on the Arkansas River

Gear boats will paddle all of the camping equipment into the canyon.


Multi-Day Raft Trip Description

Your group will meet at our Buena Vista office at 9:00 am to pack your personal gear for camp into our large dry bags issued to each person. Then you will change, if needed, to prepare for a full day of Colorado whitewater rafting! After a short drive, you will be at the river launch site. You will enjoy plenty of whitewater through the first half of the day until stopping for lunch. Your guides will serve you our famous “Ultimate Fajita Buffet” hot lunch on the side of the river. After lunch, you’ll paddle through a couple of good rapids before the river mellows out a little as you approach camp. This is a great opportunity to paddle an inflatable tandem kayak that we bring as a bonus on our multi-day raft trips. After a total of about 18 miles, you will arrive at one of our beautiful campsites on the remote Arkansas River. Once there, you will meet our custom gear raft and guide (gear boats are used whenever possible depending on water levels) who will be there slightly ahead of your passenger rafts (each with a guide, but without the cumbersome gear for camps.) You group can lend a hand to the guides who will be unloading the gear raft and setting up our impressive camp. In the meantime, you can set up your tents, change and get comfortable. Camp includes chairs, a bonfire, a full-kitchen allowing us to cook very impressive home style type meals, a portable privacy toilet and a hot camp shower! You will have an opportunity to go for a short hike, fish, or just relax by the river while munching appetizers and sipping alcoholic beverages (optional-you can bring them and we will transport to camp on the gear boat), until your guides finish preparing a delicious dinner. Your group can enjoy dinner, relaxing around the fire, dessert, coffee, and tea, before drifting off to sleep to the soothing sound of the river.

Day 2 thru 6 will start off with fresh coffee or juice and a hearty hot breakfast before packing up camp. Once the boats are loaded, you will spend another full day on the river, stopping briefly for a relaxing lunch. There will be opportunities daily to soak in the great scenery of this remote-feeling canyon, swim, look for wildlife, paddle the inflatable tandem kayak, and leave the worries of today’s hectic life behind, oh yea, and don’t forget about the rapids! With a full day of whitewater rafting everyday, you’ll experience a great combination of rapids and floating!

Eventually, your raft trip will come to an end. Around 3:00 on your last day, you will arrive at the take out and be back at our office by around 3:30. At that point, you will unpack your dry bags, view digital photos taken of your group in an exciting rapid (available for purchase as a CD or printed photos), and say your tearful goodbyes!

With a group of at least 4 people, you can choose a date and reserve your trip with a 50% deposit, as long as another group has not already reserved our multi-day gear at the same time. It is a good idea to reserve when you are sure of your dates. If you have less than 4 people, give us a call, we can almost always work something out!

You can expect nothing less than top notch equipment and guides from us, allowing your group to have the time of their lives!

We also have a beautifully remodeled Bed and Breakfast that might be handy for your group to stay at, from the convenience of our facility in Buena Vista. Discounts are available when you raft with us.

Campsite on the Arkansas River

Remote campsites become a riverside resort with all our our state of the art equipment!

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June 1st, 2011

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