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Picking out a gift for the holidays can be a hard task! Especially in today’s buying market where you want to give your loved one something special but not accumulate more random stuff. If this thought has crossed your mind, consider giving the gift of experience! Your friends at The Adventure Company have the perfect gift for the adventurer in your life, from young to old. But first, here are a few reasons why we recommend an experience gift over a material one:

  1. Lasting Value- A study from the journal of Positive Psychology has determined that giving an experience-based gift will actually have more lasting value versus a material item. This is because the value of the gift actually comes in the form of memories. These memories will last forever, while the trendy sweater or new toy will eventually go out of style or collect dust.
  2. Quality Time- Not only will this be a fun and memorable experience, but you can share it with others. This quality time with friends or family will help create a bond that can have a deeper impact than a traditional gift and help you grow closer.
  3. Environmental Reasons- You will be helping out the environment as well! According to a study done by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the additional millions of tons of waste produced during the holiday season can be reduced by giving the gift of experience. You will be helping to eliminate packaging, plastics, and shipping materials.
  4. Find a New Passion- An experience gift may also be a gateway to a new passion or further an existing interest with the experts at your side!

So, after all the positives of giving the gift of an experience, how can it get any better? The Adventure Company has spent years perfecting whitewater rafting trips down one of the best rivers in the US- The Arkansas River! Detailed below are three different trip levels for all ages and abilities. There’s a trip for everyone!

Here are The Adventure Company’s hand-selected Christmas gifts:

Milk Run- This stretch of the Arkansas River makes for a great introduction to river rafting. You can expect impressive Rocky Mountain views, some easy splashes, and a lot of soul-soothing currents. Don’t bother hiring a babysitter for this gentle 1-hour float, as this trip is appropriate for children as young as two years old.

Browns Canyon- Browns Canyon National Monument on the Arkansas River is our most popular trip! The unique combination of lots of exciting whitewater, spectacular canyon scenery, great mountain views of some of Colorado’s highest mountains, and opportunities to spot wildlife make this the ideal raft trip. Exciting enough for seasoned paddlers, but not too scary for first-timers. You will want to bring your friends and family for epic rapids such as Pinball, Zoom Flume, and Big Drop!

Numbers- This stretch of river contains some of Colorado’s most exciting whitewater rafting! With some soaking splashes, a few medium-sized drops, and nearly non-stop action, you will want to be in good physical condition and be a good swimmer. Enjoy amazing rocky mountain views of the impressive, snow-capped Collegiate Peaks while resting between long exciting rapids. Perfect for whitewater veterans and adrenaline-seeking first-timers.

Extra bonus; you can purchase this gift all the way through Christmas Eve! So, if maybe you’ve procrastinated your shopping, or, are being affected by the supply chain issues, we’ve got you covered- you will receive your custom printable Christmas gift card immediately after purchase. Give us a call today and we will help you pick out the perfect trip for your loved one.

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