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Rafting in the Rain

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Colorado is notorious for summer monsoons. Monsoons are quick, passing rain and thunder storms – and they are awesome! They help us cool down on the long, warm summer days. However, rain brings the question, ‘will our raft trip still be going out today?’ and the answer is Yes! 

Of course there are instances when we wish the rain away. The kid’s birthday party on the lawn, dinner on the patio, the outdoor summer concert are all times we hope for clear skies. But whitewater rafting is the perfect way to spend a rainy day! Here’s why…

1. You're gonna be wet anyways

With self-bailing rafts and big splashy rapids (depending which trip you’re on) you’re going to get wet on your rafting trip, and the water feels great against the hot summer air.  We often tell people you can’t even tell which direction the water is coming from when it’s raining! It’s exhilarating to raft the river in a rain storm, and some of our favorite memories. 

If you’re booked on the Family Float which isn’t as splashy, rafting in the rain is still fun! Plus you won’t have to worry about the kiddos getting their clothes wet. 

Our guides are experts at keeping the kiddos entertained, even in the rain! 

2. We provide sanitized wetsuits, booties, and splash jackets

We know that drying out a bunch of wet gear while you’re traveling is a pain in the butt. When you raft with The Adventure Company, you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes or shoes wet. We recommend wearing quick-drying or sport clothing under your wetsuit. No cotton or denim. 

We provide you with thick neoprene ‘farmer john’ style sanitized wetsuits, neoprene booties, and a splash jacket to help repel water. This gear isn’t always necessary, and your guide will help you decide if you need it or not. 

This wetsuit package is perfect for rainy days as it will keep you warm by trapping warm water against your skin, while the splash jacket will help repel water. Neoprene is meant to get wet, and don’t worry, we’ll show you all the splashy rapids! 

When you get back to the boathouse, we have warm showers and changing rooms for you to get warm and dry! 

3. Breckenridge is more rainy than Buena Vista

The quick summer rain storms in Buena Vista is usually welcomed, as it can get pretty hot mid-summer. While we are at ~8,000ft elevation, in a valley surrounded by giant mountains, the scattered summer rain storms usually tend to miss us, but sometimes we get lucky! 

If you are staying in Breckenridge or Summit County, and it’s raining the day of your trip, don’t worry! It rains a lot more up there than it does where you’ll be rafting, in Buena Vista! 

Breckenridge is almost 10,000ft in elevation, and the way town is situated in the mountains, makes for a lot more rain storms all summer long! 

4. Save the sunny days for the scenery

Other summer activities are better saved for the sunny days! Think biking, sight-seeing, hiking, road tripping, or any of the endless options for outdoor activities the mountains have to offer! 

Plus, your clothes will stay dry and the whole crew will feel more comfortable. The views are endless here, and the canyon is still gorgeous when it’s raining and you’re on a raft. 

5. The storms are often predictable, and scattered

The summer storms in Buena Vista are often ‘scattered’ and you can watch it pass over head far away. The big open skies here are pretty great for watching storms come and go. If you are worried about the rain, you can always book a morning raft trip, as storms tend to roll in around noon. 

Our 8am 1/2 day Browns Canyon (ages 6+) and Numbers (ages 14+) are perfect for dodging rain, and spotting wildlife in the canyons. Bonus: these 8am 1/2 day trips are 30% off! Don’t miss out on this huge sale to experience the river with the most experienced guides in Colorado!

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