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“The Rafting Outlook for Summer 2019” – Ark Valley Voice Interviews Mark Hammer and Other Rafting Professionals

2019 Fry-Ark Collection Basin snowpack

The Adventure Company’s owner, Mark Hammer, was interviewed by Henry John DeKam at The Ark Valley Voice last week about the 2019 rafting season’s predicted water flows. A topic we discussed in detail in three previous blog posts last month.

Last summer, a near season-long drought wreaked havoc on the rafting industry in and around the Arkansas Valley. This year, a heavy winter and recent spring moisture prove promising for the rafting season. By mid-March measurements at four sites showed the best annual basin snowpack average since 1995, far outpacing the historic median between 1981 to 2010.

“It’s a much better feeling this year than last year at this time,” said Mark Hammer, owner of the Adventure Company in Johnson Village. “In a year like [2018], you’re very limited. A year like this is the opposite. This year, we have plenty of water.”

You can find the rest of the article Rafting outlook for summer 2019” “We’ll have plenty of water“ here.


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