Mother Shares Her Thoughts on TAC’s Emphasis on Safety

Mother Shares Her Thoughts on TAC’s Emphasis on Safety



“Safety doesn’t happen by accident!”


Everyday we work hard to help ensure safety and fun on the river. Our emphasis on safety doesn’t stop at our detailed safety talks and up to date equipment. We also exclusively hire guides who have at least 4 years of professional guiding experience. We go through these tremendous efforts because we understand that your family is precious to you. Essentially, our devotion to safety is what allows us to have fun!

Usually customers only recognize the fun they have and mention this in their reviews. However, two days ago we received a comment on Facebook, which just hit the spot. Our condolences go to the family of the boy who died in Kansas City. Our appreciation goes to this mother who took the time to describe what she witnessed and what we stand for as a company. We felt like sharing this beautiful comment with you, because life is precious!


I must give a huge shout out to The Adventure Company and our AMAZING Guide Eric. We were lucky enough to raft with you in July. Those are my two boys in the back of the raft, and as you can see, they had such a blast!! Thank you for this lasting memory. 
However, that’s not what this post is about.

This past weekend a 10 year old boy died on a water slide in Kansas City. The details are horrific and devastating. This boy is just like my boys in age and interests and I cannot imagine what their family must be going through. Our thoughts and prayers have been with them.

During this sad time I’ve been reflecting on our experience with your company and Eric. The safety measures and procedures you took in order to protect my family were everything and more than I could have imagined. From ensuring their helmets and vests fit perfectly, to training all of us before even getting in the water and then practicing the commands several times in the calm water, to constant reminders before the rough waters, we were in the BEST hands!

I have several photos I will forever cherish of this experience. My boys don’t remember much about the time we spent learning or the serious commands and warnings from our guide. However, they can’t stop talking about the fun. It was FUN, but this mom very much remembers the sincere care you showed for my family and I am forever thankful.

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We wish you have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.

If you plan some adventure time with your family, keep in mind that safety is the foundation of serious fun!


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