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Guides Rafting outfitters hire 20-70% of their guide staff as rookie guides. Each company’s training program teaches them how to guide rafts. Colorado’s only rafting outfitter that exclusively hires experienced, professional raft guides for the best boat control and the most fun. An experienced raft guide is by far the most important way to help ensure a safe and fun trip. Comfort allows guest to have the time of their lives!
Free Wetsuit Rental Gear Many outfitters include wetsuit gear for their guests, but sometimes have limited sizing and questionable cleanliness. Our huge selection of clean and sanitized wetsuit gear ensures that our guests are properly sized, warm, and comfortable. We want to ease the process, and eliminate hidden costs so you can get right on the river.
Food Most choose less expensive and easy meals, such as deli sandwiches. Enjoy the famous Ultimate Fajita Feast hot lunch on all ¾ and full day raft trips. Delicious and healthy meals, with choices that appeal to all preferences, add to the overall trip quality.
Equipment Generally serviceable with a mixture of older and newer gear. Sometimes limited sizing and questionable cleanliness of wetsuit gear. TAC only purchases the best equipment, and regularly cleans and maintains it. The huge selection of wetsuit gear is sanitized after each use. Cleanliness and proper fit result in a more comfortable experience. The best performing equipment also contributes to a safer raft trip.
Facility Colorado real estate is expensive. Some companies choose simple locations, off the beaten track. There is a wide range of amenities and services offered. TAC’s 6 acre riverside headquarters in BV is perfectly located to minimize driving and offers an impressive list of amenities including a coffee shop, lodge, check-in office, outfitter store, safe parking, clean restrooms and showers, and an organized boathouse. Better amenities promote convenience and a more enjoyable experience. Everything that guests may need is available from a latte, breakfast burrito, and sunscreen, to a comfortable lodge, and beer or wine after your trip.
Vehicles Generally older vans and school buses. The best fleet in the area includes newer and more comfortable vehicles. We utilize high top vans, shuttle buses, big buses, and custom trailers. Greater comfort and reliability for a better experience.
Expert Level Rafting Typically not offered. Expert rafting requires great skill, experience, and ability. One of the few rafting companies that offer all levels of rafting from beginner to expert level trips. Guests that choose a beginner trip, or something more advanced, equally benefit from an expert level company.
Guest Service Varying levels based on quality, amenities, and commitment to guest service. Guest service is not an afterthought, it is a top priority with very intentional execution. Enjoy being taken care of by a friendly company that truly cares about its guests.
Choices Generally fewer options to minimize costs. Offering over 25 rafting choices on 3 rivers from beginner to expert, ½ day to multi-day, and full moon rafting! More choices allow guests to find the perfect trip to maximize their enjoyment.
Photography Digital rafting photos that may be expensive and require viewing at another time. Digital rafting photos available for viewing and purchase after the trip, from 6 large screens at a good value. Convenient viewing and purchase of high resolution and affordable rafting photos promotes lifelong memories.
Value Price covers the cost of limited amenities and a large marketing budget with high added fees. Price covers the added expense of the best features, without having to compensate for expensive marketing. The best value, with top quality features at comparable prices.
History A range amongst companies, from recent ownership to well-seasoned outfitters. Established in 1987 in Breckenridge, CO with a proud history and reputation as a top quality outfitter. Enjoy the amenities, guest service, and top quality features of an established outfitter.
Why Because rafting is fun and is a popular summer activity. Industry professionals who care about their guests, prioritize safety and quality, and readily share their enthusiasm and expertise. Enjoy an atmosphere of professionalism where employees embrace a respectful culture resulting in great, not just good trips, for lifelong memories.
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