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Tim – 25 year raft guide & one of the coolest river dudes around

Tim - raft guide

As top-quality whitewater rafting outfitter we feel that our raft guides are our biggest asset!

All of our rafting guides have at least 4 years of professional guiding experience to help ensure a fun and safe adventure.

Tim (- 25 year river guide) allowed us a sneak peak into his exciting river lifestyle!


Where are you from and how did you end up in Colorado?

Ski racing brought him all around, and his parents used to drive through Colorado on trips all of the time, so he fell in love with the state.


How did guiding become your career choice?

Tim grew up around “river people” and always thought raft guides were the coolest people around and he wanted to be that.


What is your favorite river (anywhere) to raft and why?

The Arkansas River in Colorado because it is where he truly learned to guide and it offers so many different variations of movements.


What are your favorite activities outside of rafting?

Hanging out with his 21 year old son (he got him into rafting at age 2) and surfing. His favorite place to surf is Paradise Cove in Malibu because it is also the location where he learned to surf.


How do you personally ensure safety on the river?

“The way I carry myself” a determined and confident mindset.

Also “how much I emphasize paddle strokes.”



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