The Adventure Company


We learned long ago that caring about our guests and offering what’s truly best for them is not only true to our way of thinking but has also resulted in a successful and growing business. Therefore, we care about our actions both on the water and off. When you choose The Adventure Company, you are choosing a reputable family-owned small business that cares about your family. We want you to have an experience with memories to last a lifetime and we will do all we can to help you achieve that. This level of caring is not only an important aspect of our business but important to our daily lives.

We also care about our community. We do a lot of charitable giving, and we like to focus our efforts on organizations that support outdoor education, youth organizations, community events and social issues. We also care about the environment, and we hope you do too. So, in further support of our philanthropic efforts, we have compiled a list of organizations that we support:


Community Events

Outdoor Education


Social Issues


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